Cullen Camacho


Born in USA, 1993

2011- 2014 Studied at the University of South Carolina

Cullen was born in South Carolina where he always had a fascination and knack for drawing, cartooning, and doodling. A favorite hobby of his which quickly developed into much more. In 2011 he was accepted into the University of South Carolina where he graduated with a degree in Film History.

After college he accepted the position of manager for Goofy Faces at the Riverbanks Zoo where he first started drawing caricatures professionally. A year later he spent a summer drawing for Kaman's at Hershey Park. Now he works as a design assistant for Basketville where he creates prints and cartoons for their children's line.

Cullen loves creating goofy and obscure art. He exels at creating original character designs in digital and sketch form. He accepts online comissions and can make any budget work. His caricature work is also available for parties, festivals, and corporate events. Contact him today to get your free quote.